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I am pleased to welcome you to my personal homepage.

Under Biography you can learn more about me.   Under Links you can get more interesting information.

My galleries show a cross section of my work and of course, my newest paintings!   I look forward to your visit and  to answer any questions you may have about my work.

Thank you for visiting!



A message to my visitors

You are invited to communicate with my paintings.

My images and the colours used may arouse different moods or even distinct memories in you.

As soon as you begin to look at one of my paintings, your journey into your own thoughts and personal experiences will have started. Then your "communication" has begun!

 Enjoy your journey!




Happiness is for me to live my creativity!

Have I attracted your attention?

In case of this, you can start visiting my galleries

where you will find extraordinary and special pieces.

First I started with pen and ink drawings. Then with watercolour painting I got more colour contrasting expression.

Later, more and more oil paintings were added.

Many of them in the traditional oil/mixed media technique with tempera underpainting.



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