Biography:  Adelaide (Adelheid Schwarz)

Born in Vienna, Austria.

After graduating as a teacher for Art Education, further studies including:

oilpainting, oil/mixed media  (oil on egg-tempera underpainting), drawing nudes, ceramics, etc.,

2 years of private study with Prof. Michael Fuchs (studies of nature, drawing nudes),

2003 - 2008 yearly  painting workshops with Wolfgang Männer at Reichenau in Lower Austria,

and since 2009 working in her own studio.


Some Highlights:

1994 illustration of Robert Janes` first poet book,"vorausgeschickt" ("sent in advance")

1997 illustration of Robert Janes`second poet book, "Entpuppt" ("Revealed")

2002 art exhibition at Greillenstein Castle, Lower Austria

2006 - 2008 yearly art show at Kelmarsh Hall, Northhamptonshire Great Britain

2007  "Couple of Angels" painting is sold by auction in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, for                                                                                     "Licht ins Dunkel" (Austria`s most famous Charity)

2010 art exhibition "Angels, Do They Exist?" at the Viennese gallery R2

2012 art exhibition "Celeste" at the Viennese district`s museum  in Kagran

2014 first auto calendar in limited edtion for a private Rolls Royce Club in Germany

2017 art exhibition at Wieselburg in a "Puppet museum", Lower Austria

2021 Book presentation as a Co- author of her father`s biography "Franz Veitschegger- My life for railway"

2024 art exhibition "VERY BRITISH" at Art&TWEED in Reichenau an der Rax, Lower Austria


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